Key art for the film and TV mini-series 'Mysteries of Lisbon' by Raúl Ruiz. The artwork explores two stylistic features so characteristic of the Ruizian universe: the baroque ambience and the low-angle shot.

Mysteries of Lisbon immerses us in a whirlwind of adventures and misfortunes, coincidences and revelations, violent feelings and passions, revenge, unfortunate and illegitimate loves. In a Lisbon of intrigue and hidden identities, we find a priest who, from aristocrat and libertine, becomes a vigilante, a countess gnawed by jealousy and thirsty for revenge, a bloodthirsty pirate turned prosperous businessman, among other characters who cross the history of XIX century in search of the identity of Pedro da Silva, an orphan who didn’t know who he was.

Alfama Films (Paris), 2010