Glória, the first Portuguese series by Netflix
The Worst Man in London by Rodrigo Areias
Dialogues After the End by Tiago Guedes
Rabo de Peixe (Turn of the Tide) a Netflix series
For Ever Godard - film programme
The Child a film by Marguerite de Hillerin and Félix Dutilloy-Liégeois
LEFFEST - Lisboa Film Festival 2023
The Englishman's Papers by Sérgio Graciano
Matilha (Dogpack) TV series directed by João Maia
Matilha (Dogpack) TV series directed by João Maia - alternate
Mosquito - DVD edition
Bram Stoker's Dracula a film by Francis Ford Coppola
The Worst Man in London a film by Rodrigo Areias
Codex 632 TV series directed by Sérgio Graciano
Off the Beaten Track a film by Hugo Vieira da Silva
The Black Book a film by Valeria Sarmiento
The Sibyl a film by Eduardo Brito
The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez a film by Wim Wenders
Remains of the Wind by Tiago Guedes
Mysteries of Lisbon film and TV mini-series by Raúl Ruiz
Os Grandes Criadores by Ramón de los Santos and Elisa Bogalheiro
The Captain a film by Robert Schwentke
Great Yarmouth - Provisional Figures a film by Marco Martins
Nightender a film by Flávio Gonçalves
Kinuyo Tanaka Integral
LEFFEST - Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival 2022
Cronenberg Forever - film program
7 digitally restored films by Akira Kurosawa
The Domain film and TV mini-series by Tiago Guedes
Mosquito film and TV mini-series by João Nuno Pinto
John Cassavetes digital restorations
The Guitar Barrel Project a film by Helder Faria
Natural Law a series by João Nuno Pinto
Moral Order DVD a film by Mário Barroso
Confronting the Gaze - film program
Teaser Remains of the Wind a film by Tiago Guedes
7 Akira Kurosawa - DVD Pack
The Coop a film by Rita Al Cunha
Cosmos a film by Andrzej Zulawski - teaser
Mysteries of Lisbon by Raúl Ruiz - DVD collector's edition
In Slow Motion a film by Fernando Lopes
LEFFEST - Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival 2022

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Designing key art, advertising campaigns, visual identity, posters, websites, and other graphic materials to actively help filmmakers, producers and distributors build a motivated audience for their films and TV series.